Huawei Mate Watch To Operate With Harmony OS Reportedly

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According to a rumor, Huawei decided to rebrand its smartwatch line. So, we should expect the next model in the series to be called Huawei Mate Watch. Users have well-received the Huawei Watch models, so any rebranding should be excellent. One tipster going by the name of RODENT950 on Twitter said the upcoming Mate Watch might run Harmony OS. Even more, the new Mate Watch could roll out along with Huawei Mate 40 series.

What to Expect From Huawei Mate Watch With Harmony OS

As a consequence of the conflict between Google and Huawei, on the back of the US-China trade war, the Chinese company decided to ditch Android. So far, the company only replaced Google Apps with its own applications. Huawei also created its own operating system — Harmony OS, which is an operating system based on Linux.

While, currently, Huawei Watch models run Lite OS, the future Huawei Mate Watch might operate with Harmony OS, as reported by RODENT950 on Twitter, via GizmoChina.


If that rumor comes true, the future smartwatch from Huawei would be faster, while devs will find it more straightforward to make apps for it. Since Harmony OS 2.0 might come out in Q4 2020 with support for wearables, computers, and cars, we should indeed expect the new operating system on the upcoming Huawei Mate Watch.

Besides the operating system that the device would run and the benefits the OS could bring, there’s no information about Mate Watch. We hope that the Chinese company would reveal more about the upcoming smartwatch soon.

The New Smartwatch Could Launch Along With The Mate 40 Series

As per some other rumors, also reported by RODENT950 in the tweet you can see above, Mate Watch would roll out with the Mate 40 series. The expected release date is October 1st, on Chinese National Day. That’s not a novelty, though, because some older rumors also hinted to an Autumn launch date for the Mate 40 flagship smartphones.


Huawei Mate 40 models might equip the 5nm Kirin 1000 SoC. The primary camera would sport a freeform design, which might lower the possible distortions when taking photos in wide-angle modes.

In short, as per a recent rumor, the upcoming Huawei Mate Watch would operate with Harmony OS. That would represent an improvement over the Lite OS, the system that runs on the current-gen of smartwatches from the Chinese manufacturer. The new Mate Watch is expected to launch on October 1st, along with the Mate 40 series.