Huawei and Xiaomi Foldable Phones To Equip Ultra-thin Glass


A renowned leaker on Weibo reported that both Huawei and Xiaomi would use ultra-thin glass for their future foldable phones. Samsung first included this feature in its Galaxy Z Flip, which is a flagship in the emerging market of folding smartphones.

The Weibo tipster added that the two Chinese manufacturers would also use ultra-thin glass for future smartphones with "surrounded screens," too, which refer to curved displays, besides foldable ones, as said on Weibo, via AndroidAuthority.

The Benefits of Ultra-thin Glass

The example of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is excellent to assess the benefits of ultra-thin glass over plastic-based screens. Primary, the material ensures increased durability of the screen. As the name says, the material is much thinner in comparison with the classic glass, but that does not mean its also more breakable.


Even more, ultra-thin glass also comes with increased flexibility, which is an excellent feature for foldable phones. As per the most recent news, Xiaomi and Huawei now want to take advantage of the material with their future devices. Accordingly, we should expect foldable Chinese smartphones at a higher quality.

The Future Huawei and Xiaomi Foldable Phones

Mate X and Mate XS are the foldable phones from Huawei. They are pretty reliable devices with high-end specs acceptable durability. The company, however, doesn't want to lag behind its competitors. Accordingly, as reported, Huawei plans using ultra-thin glass in its future smartphones.

At the moment, Xiaomi has no foldable phone in the market. The company plans to release one soon, given that it already came up with a prototype. The Mi Mix Alpha concept that Xiaomi presented in 2019 came with a wrapped screen that goes around the device. For something like that, the protective screen is much resilient than ultra-thin glass. But, for its future foldable phones, the Chinese manufactures would use ultra-thin glass, as per the latest leak.


At the moment, Samsung is the leader of folding smartphones in terms of features, durability, and specs. Don't get it wrong, though, because the foldable phones from the South Korean tech giant also present issues. More companies in this market increase the competitivity, and that can only lead to improvement.

But the future looks bright in this emerging market since more and more companies will compete between them to bring more reliable devices. Ultra-thin glass is the best one to use on foldable phones, and Huawei and Xiaomi might also use it for their future devices, according to the latest leak.