High Demand Delays Google Play Music To YouTube Music Transfers

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It was recently revealed that is was now possible to begin transfers from Google Play to YouTube Music. However, as reported by 9to5, it turns out that this has been delayed ‘due to high demand’. Even when transfers went live users reported the portal not working on YouTube Music and this seems to be another stumbling block.

Over a month ago Google announced that transfers would be available ‘in the next few weeks’. This promise has not been fulfilled frustrating many users keen to make the switch over.

More delays for YouTube Music

Over recent months many users had become frustrated with Google Play Music. This was because of reasons such as its broken Dark Mode. This has made the possibility to switch over to YouTube Music an attractive one despite the flaws it also possesses.


However, after issues on the launch of transferring, Google have again reported issues. Those looking to transfer are now met with a warning message.

It reads, “Due to high demand, transfers are delayed.” This now pops up as you start the process of transferring.

Transfers are meant to take around 15 minutes for a library of 100,000 songs. However, one user found it took him almost four days to transfer his large library.


He was told, “Transfers are taking longer than normal. We are looking into it and will contact you when your transfer is complete.”

Google to continue onboarding transfers

Despite these delays, Google is trying to press ahead with transfers as soon as possible. Given YouTube Music recently became compatible with Google Maps the company will be keen to get this resolved as soon as possible.

In theory, transferring one’s library across is full of convinces and upsides. For example, you can transfer as many times as you want so your music stays synced. Additionally, when the offering becomes full time you can have both libraries sync up with each other for the ease of the user.


Although Google is still offering a sign-up form to request early access the chances of transferring any time soon seems unlikely.

Users can expect to get access to transfers over the coming weeks and perhaps even months. However, for now, it appears to be a bit of a waiting game. With such a haphazard and scatter roll out, it is difficult to ascertain when any of these problems will be fixed.

Hopefully soon but probably best not to get your hopes up just yet if you still do not have access to transferring.