HiFi Music Through Deezer Just Got Better With Gapless Playback

Deezer With Gapless Playback

Deezer has a big announcement for its users today with the arrival of gapless playback.

A feature that is undoubtedly going to make the HiFi streaming music option that much better than it was just a few days ago. Deezer just announced the news today, stating that it would be accessible to any user from any of the available platforms where you can stream music from the service.

You can access the gapless playback on mobile devices running on Android or iOS. You can also access it through Sonos speakers, Apple HomePod, Apple CarPlay, Waze, Ultimate Ears speakers, and in BMWs.


Deezer gapless playback is only available for HiFi subscribers

Gapless playback means you can start streaming a song through Deezer and when one song ends, the other begins immediately.

There is no gap in between the two songs. So there's zero silence and more music. Like a seamless stream of audio or an hours-long DJ set. This is a feature that's only a available to subscribers of the HiFi option though. Which costs $14.99 a month.

That's an important distinction to make. Because Deezer offers three other plan types. One is the free plan which is only available on mobile and you only have access to shuffle play. The other is Deezer Premium, which is $9.99 a month, but it drops the ads, and includes unlimited skips and offline play. It also comes with availability on all devices.

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The third is the Family Plan, which is $14.99 a month. This is the same cost as the HiFi option, but it doesn't come with HiFi. What it does come with is all the streaming capabilities of Premium for up to six people. HiFi on the other hand is a plan for one person. So that's worth keeping in mind.

Also worth noting is that Deezer HiFi comes with everything Premium has. Plus the benefits of high fidelity sound and now the gapless playback.

If you're an audiophile then you should probably give this a try

Deezer HiFi is theĀ streaming service for you if you're an audiophile.


With gapless playback now in the mix you really couldn't have a better reason to give it a shot. Especially since you can test it out for free for the first month. That means 30 days of high fidelity audio from over 52 million songs. Plus no gaps in the audio between any of them.

It's certainly not going to be for everyone considering the slightly higher cost. But it's likely a perfect fit for anyone who prefers high fidelity music.