Here's When Google May Now Launch The Pixel 4a

pixel 4a

Google may be closer to launching the Pixel 4a than some people think. If information from a new report is accurate.

Recently, French retailers had listed possible pricing for the Pixel 4a in that region. The phone was listed at a different price from each retailer. So make of that what you will. One site, Ordimedia, has it listed for €509.56.

The second site, eStock.fr, has the phone listed for €441.65 Both listings are for the 128GB model of the phone. Which probably means it should be around this price once the phone actually does launch in what is probably the very near future.


The more interesting part about these listings is the potential date of release. As it should be the same for any country where Google plans to sell the phone.

Google may release the Pixel 4a in early July

In addition to potential pricing for the phone in France, each site also has a potential date for the phone’s “on sale” time frame. With both being in early July

Ordimedia shows that Google may release the Pixel 4a on July 7. Meanwhile eStock.fr says that the phone will be released on its site for sale on July 5. With that being the case, it seems that Google may end up announcing the phone very, very soon.


Perhaps sometime this week. And at the very least sometime before the potential dates listed on the websites of both French retailers. Because if the dates are accurate, then Google will no doubt want to formally announce the phone before that time.

One thing to keep in mind is a report from June 15 which stated that Google may announce the phone on July 13. With a launch date to follow that would happen in October.

Potential colors could include Blue and Just Black

Aside from prices and release date, both French retailers list a Just Black model of the Pixel 4a. Just Black has been a common color for the Pixel lineup of phones for a few years. So it shouldn’t be surprising to see it continue.


Both retailers also list that the phone will come in a Blue color. Blue hasn’t been an option since the original Pixel phone. And it was a limited edition color option that was extremely hard to come by as Google didn’t make a whole lot of them.

Which begs the question of whether or not Google would do the same thing this time around. Google was originally suspected to announce the new phone at its annual developer conference. But since that was cancelled everything had been pushed back.

Now it seems the Pixel 4a announcement may be just around the corner.