UPDATED: Here's The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 In Bronze

Galaxy Watch 3 Bronze 2

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is not yet official but it has just leaked a second time this week, this most recent time being the new Bronze color that Samsung will be offering to customers.

Though it does look like Rose Gold from the image, Evan Blass, who leaked the image, has the Galaxy Watch 3 listed with the official name of the color as Bronze.

This would be in addition to the Silver model which leaked on June 25. That model comes with a Silver watch case but a slightly darker rotating bezel. It also comes with a Black leather strap.


The Galaxy Watch 3 in Bronze is shown in the 41mm size

Though it’s entirely possible for the Galaxy Watch 3 to come in other sizes, this one in the leak is a 41mm size according to Blass.

41mm is usually a smaller size for the watch face that tends to be marketed more towards women. So the other models may be offered in a larger size like 46mm. Some of Samsung’s older smartwatches have been released in this size. Which suggests the same could be happening with the Galaxy Watch 3.

The interesting bit is that the strap seems to be the same size as the Silver color from the previous leak. Smaller watch faces usually come with slimmer straps out of the box. But that may not be the case with this watch in particular.


Of course owners can always choose to swap the straps out for one they prefer. In which case the strap could be slimmer or wider.

Bronze may be the second and last color option offered initially

Samsung may always choose to come out and release more than two colors of the Galaxy Watch.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 for example comes in at least three standard colors that consumers just about anywhere can purchase. Keeping that in mind, the Bronze option may be not only the second color of the watch, but the last color that Samsung initially releases.


To be clear, there is nothing to suggest that Samsung will or won’t launch more than two colors of the Galaxy Watch 3. This is just speculation. What is clear is that there are now at least two color options for consumers. A Silver with a Black strap model, and the Bronze model that comes with a matching strap.

Samsung is suspected to release the Galaxy Watch 3 a little bit later this year. So far, no exact dates for an announcement nor pricing appear to have been leaked.

Update – June 29

A new leak has surfaced which shows the Galaxy Watch 3 in Black with a matching Black titanium band. This is also in a 45mm size, compared to the 41mm of the Bronze model.

Galaxy Watch 3 Bronze 1
Galaxy Watch 3 Bronze 1