Hearthstone's Trial By Felfire Solo Adventure Is Live For Players

Hearthstones Trial By Felfire Solo Adventure

Hearthstone‘s latest solo adventure, called Trial by Felfire, was just released for players by Blizzard today. As of this morning Hearthstone’s crop of players should be access the Trial By Felfire adventure in the game.

Since this is a solo adventure and it’s part of the Ashes of Outland Expansion, players can dive into Trial By Felfire for free. And because it’s a solo adventure that means there’s plenty of story-driven narrative to take in while you battle your enemies.

The story of this adventure follows Aranna Starseeker. A night elf. She aims to to take on the Rusted Legion, and will even enlist the help of some demon hunters (including Illidan) along the way.


Hearthstone’s Trial By Felfire adventure has five chapters

In this new solo adventure there are five different chapters to get through. So you can rest assured that you probably won’t finish it all in an hour.

It’s also not likely to take you weeks to complete. The good news is that once you do finish all five chapters you will get a new card back. The Rusted Legion card back. Which you can use for the backs of your cards whenever you play to show off your accomplishment.

If you still want even more content, there will be more to do on June 24. On this date players will get access to Trial By Felfire challenges. Players will need to create a deck to fight and defeat difficult bosses from Outland.


This will include iconic bosses from World of Warcraft like Kael’Thas Sunstrider, Doom Lord Kazak, and Supremus. All the bosses in the challenges will be raid bosses from the Burning Crusade expansion. So chances are you may have dealt with them before.

There’s new Legendary weekly quests too

In addition to the five free chapters, and the new challenges coming on June 24, there’s also going to be weekly quests.

These new legendary weekly quests will start today, June 17, and there will be another new quest to complete every week. The second quest will arrive on June 24, while the third and final quest will arrive on July 1.


Each quest will have a slightly different task and will offer up unique rewards. While all three quests will award players with one pack each from the year of The Dragon and Ashes of Outland collections, there will be a third card pack available from each quest that will be different from the others.

This will include Rise of Shadows for the first quest, Saviors of Uldum for the second quest, and Descent of Dragons for the third quest. The quests will also open up at the same time every week, which is 9AM Pacific Standard Time. Which means the first quest is already available.