Google Store Adds 'Helpful Videos' Page For Product Tutorials & More

Google Store Helpful Videos

Google has added a new, "Helpful Videos" page to the Google Store website. This video page is a repository of videos pertaining to everything from product introductions to setup guides and tips and tricks that help users get the most out of their Google products.

The page currently has over 50 such 'helpful' videos. You can filter the videos by device type: Phones, Speakers & Displays, Streaming, Connectivity, Safety & Security, Cameras, Thermostats, Stadia, Laptops, and Accessories.

None of the videos on this page are new. The page essentially collects all the videos Google has previously released in one place in a clean layout. The videos are hosted on YouTube, with the page showing "Products you might like" that featured on the video.


However, it saves you from browsing through Google's official YouTube channels for different product categories to find a specific video.

Pretty handy for anyone who's into Made by Google products. Videos on currently available Google products are only shown, though.

Google Store gets a Helpful Videos page

The "Helpful Videos" page is accessible from any of the four product categories, Pixel, Nest, Stadia, and Pixelbook, on the Google Store. It features three sections: Product instruction, Setup and install, and Tips and tricks, with each section listing around 20 videos.

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The 'Product instruction' section, as you'd expect, collects the introduction videos for Google products.

Google releases such marketing videos when it launches a new product. Here, you'll find introduction videos for all currently available Google products.

The 'Setup and install' section is the home for detailed videos on how to get started with a new Google product, mostly related to Nest smart home devices. There is also a video on "How to switch to Pixelbook from Windows or Mac."


Lastly, the 'Tips and tricks' section presents you with a collection of videos on product features and how to make the best use of them. From Pixel Feature Drops to a tutorial on "How to sketch with Pixelbook Pen," this section encompasses them all.

Although you can buy Google products from a variety of retailers, Google Store is a one-stop solution for all Made by Google products. Since its introduction back in 2015, Google has made several enhancements to the Store website.

Earlier in April, the company revamped the store to explicitly name the Pixel, Nest, Stadia, and Pixelbook brands on top. Now, the addition of the 'Helpful Videos' page should further help to keep potential customers engaged in the store.


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