Google Rewards Nest Aware Subscribers With Free Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub Max AM AH 2

Want a free Nest Hub? If the answer to that question is yes, then Google has your number. If you’re a subscriber of Nest Aware that is.

Over the last day or two Google has been emailing some or all of its Nest Aware subscribers and giving them the opportunity to snag a free Nest Hub device. Just for being a member of the service.

There also seems to be different rewards for different members. This is because Google appears to be splitting things up between the two different types of Nest Aware plans it offers. Which are the Nest Aware and Nest Aware Plus plans.


Nest Aware Plus members get the free Nest Hub

If you want the Nest Hub, then you’ll have had to be a subscriber of the Nest Aware Plus plan, based on the report from Droid Life.

That’s the $12 a month plan that Google offers. However Google also offers the standard Nest Aware plan which is just $6 a month. Subscribers of this plan are reportedly being offered a free Nest Mini.

Which is just the smart speaker with no screen. Subscribing to either should have resulted in you receiving an email like this from Google that includes the offer. However it’s worth noting that you likely would have had to subscribe to the service for a certain amount of time.


Whether it at least a month or longer, it may be less likely that you would receive an offer from Google for one of these free pieces of hardware if you just signed up within the last week.

This is certainly not Google’s first free hardware promotion

This isn’t the first time that Google has given people free hardware and it certainly won’t be the last. Last year, it gave away free Google Home Mini speakers. It also sent free Hubs to service members at the end of last year.

More recently this year, it offered free Nest Mini speakers to subscribers of YouTube Premium. Though it’s not clear if all users were receiving the offer. The point is that Google has a habit of trying to get more of its hardware products like these into people’s hands.


Even if means giving them out for free. Of course it’s never completely free, because you have to have been a subscriber of one of its paid monthly services. Still, it’s a nice little perk for those that have been subscribing for a while.

If you’ve been a member of Nest Aware or Nest Aware Plus for a significant amount of time, check your inboxes. You may have a free Nest product waiting for you to claim.