Google Reduced The Stadia Premiere Edition Price To $99


Earlier this morning Google made it easier than ever to get into Stadia by lowering the price of the Premiere Edition bundle to $99. It's also not the first time Google has discounted this bundle, but it now seems to be permanent.

Back when Stadia first launched, purchasing a bundle was the only way to play. And at the time the only bundle available was the Founders Edition. After those sold out however, Google began offering the Stadia Premiere Edition bundle, set at the same opening price of $129.

The bundle came with one controller in White, a Stadia Pro code, three months free of Stadia Pro, and a Chromecast Ultra. You still get most of that, save for the code as you no longer need one to access Stadia.


The new Stadia Premiere Edition price makes it an even better deal

While you don't need the Stadia controller to play games, if you want to play on your TV then you do. You also need the Chromecast Ultra which is what the controller connects to.

For everything you get in the bundle, the new $99 cost is a pretty good deal. Especially considering you can now also play on a much larger collection of Android phones than before. Not to mention you still get a decent selection of games for free as a Pro member.

All in all, reducing the cost of the Premiere bundle was a good move by Google. And it may entice newcomers to consider signing up. Though, you might be better off testing it through Chrome first. If your aim is to see if it works for you, sign up for Pro for free.


This will let you experience what Stadia is like, plus net you a fair amount of free games. If you like what you see, then investing in the Premiere Edition bundle might be a good move.

The Elder Scrolls Online is now officially available

In addition to the Premiere bundle dropping in cost, The Elder Scrolls Online is now available. You can claim this game as a free title for being a Pro member, and it includes the Morrowind upgrade.

Some of the other expansions are also available, including the newly released Greymoor expansion, though you will need to purchase these as part of one of the numerous add-on bundles.


ESO will remain a free Pro title for at least the next couple of weeks, so grab it while you can. ESO on Stadia also supports cross-play and cross-progression with other platforms. So if you already own the game on PC or console, your characters will carry over and you can play with friends who play on those platforms.