Google Adds A Premium Chromebook Games Section To The Play Store

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Google is now prepared to use its Play Store to recommend premium games for Chromebook users. That's based on reports citing a tweet from David Gerbino, who noticed the change over the weekend. Summarily, Google is now showcasing "Premium games for your Chromebook" in the Premium tab of the Play Store.

Tweeting from the handle "@dmgerbino," Mr. Gerbino also shared a video to YouTube, running through the games that are being featured in the new segment. Those titles are undoubtedly going to change over time and may even be different from user to user. But what they point to is a shift in direction for the Google Play Store on Chromebooks.

The difference is that these are Premium games for Chromebook users

The influx of games points to a renewed focus from developers on Google's desktop operating system. And that expands, to a certain extent, on what can already be seen in Chromebooks here at Android Headlines. Namely, there is already a segment in the Games tab of the Play Store for free games.  Those are explicitly being called out as games that work with Chromebooks.


There is a key difference here though. While those other games on the Play Store are those that should be compatible with a Chromebook, the new section — which we aren't seeing appear just yet — points solely to premium titles. And that is a small change that has big implications. In effect, it's a switch from Google recommending games that might work to recommending users hand over their money for games.

That shows quite a bit of confidence on Google's part that these titles won't just work. But that they'll work well enough to spend money on for any Chromebook user.

Google is also giving away some premium titles right now

Now, the new segment for recommended premium games for Chromebooks on the Play Store is accompanied by another promotion from Google. Namely, the search giant is giving away two premium titles right now via its Perks for Chromebooks page. That includes DLC for popular mobile titles as well as a free copy of the old-school DOOM and DOOM II.

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Typically, those two games are provided at a cost just short of $5 per title.

The goal here seems to be to get users to try out the games and see that at least some titles in the Play Store work really well with Chromebooks. By bolstering those titles and others that do, Google is giving developers a reason to focus explicitly on the larger, keyboard-backed laptops and tablets. That should, in turn, lead to further development with Chromebooks in mind.

Perhaps more importantly, it should spur development not just in games but in other desktop-quality applications. That should result in full experiences becoming available that are more akin to desktop software than mobile apps.


For those waiting on the new recommendations to appear in the Premium tab for Chromebooks, that's likely arriving via a server-side update. That means there won't be any manual update required. Instead, it'll be arriving fairly rapidly and automatically while a given Chrome OS device is connected to data or Wi-Fi.