Google Play Music To YouTube Music Transfers Available For More People

YouTube Music AH NS 06

For many Google Play Music to YouTube Music transfers have gone live as reported by Droid Life. This has come after more than a month of waiting which was announced almost a month ago. Transfers have not gone live for everyone but for many, this is the moment they have been waiting for.

The source has reported that after much refreshing of the transfer portal they writers, as were some of their readers, were able to make transfers. As mentioned, this has been quite a wait for many users who were expecting the functionality to go live much earlier.

What this means

Before this move was announced many users found it very frustrating that they would have to jump back between Google Play Music and YouTube Music. Now being able to transfer their music is a big step forward in terms of convenience.


As the music transfers between Google Play and YouTube are phased in on a country to country basis users will be able to move their entire library over. A library of 100,000 songs is estimated to take around 15 minutes to transfer over.

Users can transfer over their entire Google Play library with playlists as well as likes and dislikes. This will mean you are not starting from scratch when moving over to YouTube Music.

Getting YouTube Music up to scratch has felt like a slow process to many. It was released two years ago and upon that release, it lagged well behind competitors.


However, now Google Play’s interface is starting to frustrate users, with the dark mode broken for example. YouTube Music though is not perfect for those that are going to transfer.

Its user interface lags behind the iOS version and it lacks the lyrics function. Therefore, although this is a positive move it will not solve all problems for everyone.

Not fully functional yet

However, although this seems like an important step, transfers are not totally ready yet. A few users have reported that although the web portal is working, it does not on the YouTube Music app.


This was promised to be the case, however, it does not seem to be fully functional just yet. It may be a staged rollout.

Also as mentioned, not everyone’s account is ready to transfer. You can follow this link to find out if you’re account is ready or to transfer your music.

It was possible to sign-up for early access to this transfer tool. However, Google did point out that not everyone who signed up would receive the functionality early. So it is worth noting that even if you have signed up, do not get your hopes up too high as it may not be your time just yet.