Google Tries To Fix Pixel 4 Battery Life With June Feature Drop

pixel feature drop

Google just announced its third feature drop for the Pixel lineup, for June 2020.

This new feature drop includes a few new features, but one big one that is aiming to help fix the horrible battery life on the Pixel 4 series.

Google is debuting a new Adaptive Battery feature that is going to help make the battery last even longer. Adaptive Battery is getting updated to improve the ability to predict how much battery is left and then adjust the phone operations to optimize the leftover battery, the best way possible. This is going to take some time to actually make a difference on your phone, since it does need to learn how you use your phone.


Pixel 4’s recorder app gets even better

When the Pixel 4 was announced last year, the Recorder app made headlines for being so great at recording audio and offering real-time transcription of those recordings. It’s really great for briefings, and other meetings.

Now, Google is giving it better integration with Google Docs. Allowing you to share those transcripts with others and keep all of them better organized within Google Drive. On top of that, it’s getting Google Assistant integration, which is going to allow you to start, stop and search recordings using your voice.

June is Pride month, so Google is also rolling out some Pride-themed customizations. Which include some wallpapers and ringtones created by LGBTQ+ artists, as well as some new Duo Pride AR filters for your video calls. These Pride features will be available in early June.


Finally, Google is also rolling out a new Safety Check Option within its Safety ap. So you can schedule a check-in with your emergency contacts, in times that you’ll be traveling alone. Users are going to be able to tell the app what you are doing and how long it should take you to finish. At the end of that time, the app is going to ask you if you’ve made it to your destination. And whether you need to send your location to your emergency contacts, or if it should dial 911. If you don’t select an option, the Safety app is going to automatically notify your emergency contacts within a minute.

New Bedtime features too

Pixel devices are also getting new Bedtime tools, which we already covered earlier today. Those are going to be rolling out to all devices, not just the Pixel lineup.

These features are aimed at helping you get to sleep quicker and have better night sleep too. As you’ll be using your phone less. Which might seem a bit odd for the maker of Android to be doing.


June is a pretty good month for the Pixel feature drop, giving us plenty of great features to check out on our Pixel smartphones.