Google Pixel 4a Is A Step Closer To Launch

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The Google Pixel 4a is now a step closer to launch, as it got certified by BIS. BIS, for those of you who don’t know, stands for Bureau of Indian Standards. So, the device got certified in India.

The Google Pixel 4a got certified under the G025N model number. That is the rumored Pixel 4a model number. So everything fits. This certification only confirmed that the phone is coming, it did not share any additional information.

The Google Pixel 4a comes a step closer to launch thanks to BIS certification

The certification appeared on BIS on June 10, but it took a while until it got noticed. The Pixel 4a is one of the most anticipated mid-range phones of the year, at least in the tech community.


The phone will almost certainly launch in July, though it may take some time for it to become available. The phone is rumored to launch on July 13. It may not get available until October.

That information may be off, but according to Jon Prosser, the device is currently scheduled to go on sale in October. Google may change that up in the near future, though, as the info changed several times thus far.

It wouldn’t make much sense for the company to announce it in July, and release it three months later. Therefore, we do expect it to go on sale sooner than that.


It’s also worth noting that the ‘Barely Blue’ model is not even mentioned in the system any longer, only the ‘Just Black’ model is. We’ll see what will happen, but we’re expecting that info to change.

It will be made out of polycarbonate

The phone will be made out of polycarbonate, and it will sport thin bezels. The device will include a display camera hole in the top-left corner, and a flat display.

The Google Pixel 4a will likely ship with a fullHD+ OLED display, by the way. It will be fueled by the Snapdragon 730 SoC, and include at least 6GB of RAM on the inside. Android 10 will come out of the box.


The device will include the same rear camera as the Google Pixel 4, almost certainly. We’re not sure what to expect on the front side, though, but one camera will be included.

The Pixel 4a is also expected to support wireless charging. That would be a nice surprise, that’s for sure. A fingerprint scanner will be included on the back of this phone.

There you go. The Google Pixel 4a is coming, and this certification brought it one step closer to launch. If you’d like to know more about the device, read our preview.