New Google Pixel 4 Photos Reveal Unannounced Color Options


The Pixel 4's design is unconventional. While many of us hated it, there were always a few who liked it as well. It looks like Google's Industrial Design team also worked on a Pixel 4 prototype with an even weirder camera setup and several new color options.

The new details emerged from photos shared by Arthur Kenzo, a designer at Google. According to him, the Pixel 4 was designed to be soft in the hand and approachable, human. These photos also show the Pixel 4 in unannounced colorways.

Google Pixel 4 spotted in unannounced color options

Google launched its Pixel 4 smartphones in Just Black, Clearly White, and Oh So Orange color options. All three color variants came with the same black frame.


There's a lighter blue Pixel 4 with the same color combination in these newly revealed photos.

This blue color could be similar to the rumored "Barely Blue" Pixel 4a. The company also worked on Pixel 4 devices with a color-matching frame. Additionally, one Pixel 4 smartphone comes in the Pixel Slate's Midnight Blue color shade. It comes with an orange-accent power button.

What's even weirder is the dual camera bump for the rear camera setup on this device. The new Pixel 4 colors also includes "Not Pink" seen on the Pixel 3 smartphone.


Instead of the square camera module, the company appears to have thought of launching the Pixel 4 with an unconventional camera bump for each camera sensor.

Google also worked on Pixel with a boxy design

Moreover, one camera module design looks exactly like the iPhone 11's dual camera setup. In one sketch design, we can see the circular camera module replacing the current black square in the upper left corner. Google also worked on different shapes for the frame and buttons.

The boxy-looking device is designed to carry a rectangular volume rocker and power button. As per the rumors, the upcoming iPhone 12 will be coming with an iPhone 5-like design featuring boxy edges.


One variant also features individual rounded buttons for power on/off, volume up, and volume down.

Based on the leaks, Google has pushed back the release dates for the upcoming Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 smartphones.

The company has yet to announce any specific release dates. While the Pixel 4a is expected to be launched next month, it will only go on sale in October. As for the Pixel 5, there is no information about the launch timeline.