Google Shows "Nearby" Feature In Its First 11 Weeks Of Android Video

Screen Shot 2020 06 15 at 11 09 00 AM

With the Android 11 Beta launching last week, Google also announced that it would be doing 11 weeks of Android, with different videos and blog posts showing what’s new in Android. And today the first video was released, and it’s about conversations. In this 11 weeks of Android video, you can see the much talked about “Nearby” feature.

Nearby is rumored to be Google’s AirDrop-like feature. And considering where it is placed in the UI, that definitely looks to be the case.

Nearby appears in the Share sheet

In the render, which you can see above, the Nearby feature does appear in the Share Sheet. At the top of the sheet, next to copy.


It has a pretty interesting icon to, which looks really cool. And Google moving it to the top of the Share Sheet, instead of just appearing as another app, likely means deeper integration within the operating system.

Nearby is a feature that is deeply needed in Android, and having it appear in Android 11 is a good sign. As it likely means that it will launch this year. Though we are still not sure if it will be available when the stable version launches. As it is not yet available in the first beta.

Though with it being in this video that Google released today, it is definitely coming, sooner rather than later.


With Nearby, you’d be able to quickly share the image, link or something else with people that are nearby. Instead of having to send them a link in a messaging app like Telegram. It just makes things simpler, especially if you are sending pictures and other files.

Android desperately needed an AirDrop alternative

If you’ve used iOS or any of Apple’s products, and have used AirDrop, you’ll know just how easy it is to use. Just select the file, and then select AirDrop. You can then send it to another device seamlessly. In fact, a lot of people will AirDrop files between their own devices. Which is super useful, especially since it is super fast to do so.

There have been third-party apps come out that try to replicate this on Android. But none of them have worked the way that they should have. Thankfully, Google is adding it into Android, and as long as everything goes smoothly, it should work as well as Apple’s AirDrop does. But then again, this is Google, so it may not be smooth at all, and could get canned before the stable version of Android 11 releases.