Google Messages Get Top Search Bar Via Beta Channel

Android Messages AH NS 05

Google Messages has begun to roll out a top search bar as part of a new update as reported by Android Police. The development is now in beta and is expected to roll out in full soon. Gmail and other Google Apps also possess a similar functionality so this puts Messages in line with a top search bar.

You can download the app here but the new update is not quite ready for everyone just yet. The most recent update Messages received was surrounding RCS.

It has allowed users access to iMessage-like reactions (amongst various other things instant messaging apps give you) giving a better replacement for its ageing SMS standards.


What the Change Looks Like

Previously, the app displayed a plain white title bar at the top of the screen. Google Messages then had a discrete search button on the right-hand side instead of a top search bar. However, in the new version, the entire top bar will act as the search function.

Although this seems like a relatively small change some will be excited about the developments that are being added to Google Messages in recent weeks.

Google has been very busy as of late with new updates for its messages app. As mentioned, a recent update looked at RCS messaging to try and compete with iMessage.


Additionally, it was announced that sticker suggestions were close to being released on the app. This demonstrates some considerable work going into the app over recent times and Google will hope that these changes please customers going forwards.

How to Get the New Update

For some, the new design is appearing in the Messages 6.2 beta. The started rolling out at the start of June. If you are desperate for the new version of messages but do not yet have access there are a few options.

First is to sign up the Play Store’s Beta Testing Program and wait for it to be pushed to you. The source is also offering an option to download a mirrored version of the update.


However, even if you do sign up to the Beta Testing Program do not get too excited just yet. Not everyone with the update gets pushed the new top search bar on Google Messages.

The fact that the new design is in beta suggest that it is not far from coming us all. However, there is no official word on when this will be and how long it will take.

Therefore, we will have to just wait and see for the moment.