Google Improves Fi And Voice With A Major Change


Google has just started rolling out a major change that will greatly improve its Fi and Voice products. And for that matter, the lives of the users of both thanks to some added convenience.

From the beginning of when Google launched its Project Fi (now Google Fi) phone service, you weren't able to have Google Voice and Project Fi on the same account.

It's a restriction that many users were not fond of. But today Google officially announced that both products will be able to live under one single account if users wanted the option.


Google Fi and Google Voice can now be joined on a single account

Using both of these services on a single account is a big plus for anyone that wanted to separate the two.

Starting today, anyone who has a Voice account can now give it its own phone number. This allows users to have a separate phone number that can be used for whatever they like. So if you personally want to have a number that's used for work and one that's used for your personal line with loved ones, you can.

It was possible to have both services prior to this change. But if you wanted to do so you need a separate Google account for one of them. This will make it possible for people to consolidate everything under one roof.


Feature visibility will take a few days

Google is starting to push this change out as of today, June 22. It will still take a bit to show up for everyone though.

Google says the feature visibility will take a few days at most. With the rollout pace being listed as one to three days. By Thursday, most users of either service should the possibility to merge both numbers under a single Google account.

It's also available for both free and paid G Suite customers that have a Voice license. This change marks a big one for both services. And is one born of Google's realization that there is a benefit to being able to have an ability to distance your work and personal life from each other. Even if only in a minor way such as this.


It took a few years, but Google finally made it possible to have separate numbersĀ andĀ have a single Google account to manage both. And that's a big reason why the company is doing this. To add convenience and ease of use to managing your phone calls.