Google Finally Enables Assistant On Stadia, But Only For TVs


Google is slowly but surely adding more features and depth to Stadia, the latest being the capability to use Google Assistant on TVs while playing games.

From the very beginning of Stadia's official unveiling, Google Assistant use was a touted feature. It's never been available though. Not until now. Sometime this morning or sometime within the past few days, Google made it possible to use Google Assistant with the Stadia controller, but it only works when playing on TVs with the Chromecast Ultra.

Even with the feature just now showing up, it's one more piece to Google's puzzle to turn Stadia into something that is more like what it promised from the get-go.


Google Assistant will eventually expand beyond Stadia on TVs

Using Google Assistant with Stadia on phones and through the Chrome browser is coming.

Google has not said when, but it's certainly confirmed that it will be available at some point this year. This is also something that could be somewhat of a quiet rollout. Google will also almost certainly mention it in one of its social community updates if that happens.

Luckily Google has made it really easy to check on availability. Thanks to the Stadia controller's dedicated Assistant button, all you need to do is press it to see if it works. Currently what you see is a message that tells you to try it on a TV. That is if you're playing in the browser or on a phone.


The TV use is still pretty basic

While Assistant may be available in games now, the feature set is still basic.

It's essentially what you'd get if you accessed Assistant from your smartphone. Having the capability to ask Google questions or check up on the current weather conditions. I guess if you're in the middle of session and you need to leave soon, you might find it more useful to check the weather from your controller.

As this would alleviate having to put the controller down. Maximizing time and all that. The greater appeal of Assistant on Stadia however is the ability for it to somehow tie into the game you're playing. And right now that's something pressing the button on the controller will do.


Google will no doubt expand this further down the line, but when is anyone's guess. Stadia users are also still waiting on things like Family Share, State Share (though that's launching soon in beta form with the Crayta game release), and more.