Google Is Testing Suggestions For Assistant Actions Based On Time

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It looks like Google is testing a feature for Google Assistant where it can make suggestions on specific actions you should take based on the time of day.

One Android user (via Android Police) seems to have gotten suggestions from Google Assistant recommending that they turn the lights on. Noting that they had issued that action to Google Assistant around that same time in the past.

A feature like this could help users to get into a pattern and set up routines. Making Google Assistant even more useful to anyone who has smart devices around the home.


Of course the implications could go far beyond just smart device control.

Google Assistant suggestions could be for just about anything

The possibilities of this feature could span far and wide. Since Google Assistant can do a lot for you, its recommendations could be about anything you normally ask it to do.

Based on the description, Assistant will suggest actions that you already use. Put the turn lights on suggestion aside for a second. Imagine you normally ask Google Assistant to turn up the heat every night around 9PM.


After so many times of asking for this command, you might one day get suggestion notifications to complete it again. Assuming you haven’t already done so.

It would seem that the feature may work to make those suggestions only if you don’t issue those same commands on certain days. And only after it’s begun to recognize that you tend to ask for it around said time.

Going back to an earlier statement, this is something that could help people set up routines. Because it’s less likely to be useful to anyone that always remembers to issue commands at the same time every day. Or those who already have routines set up.


If you’re new to all that though, and begin to establish a pattern, then these suggestions could be a little nudge to make better use of the tool.

Tapping the notification will issue the command

If you were to see one of these suggestions pop up in your notifications panel, issuing the command is simple. All you have to do is tap the notification.

Once you do that, Google Assistant apparently grants your request and activates whatever the command is. If it’s turning on the lights, then it’ll turn on the lights. If it’s adjusting the temperature in a room, it’ll do it.


And if it’s powering on your coffee maker in the morning it’ll do that too. This is all assuming of course that the suggestions include these types of commands. Google could have set things up to offer a very narrow scope of possible options.

The test doesn’t seem to be very widespread at the moment, so perhaps there will be more details on it in the near future.