The Google App Gains New Tricks That Can Help Curb Your Appetite

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The Google app has recently learned some new tricks that can help you curb your appetite. Quite literally.

Though it may not be showing up for everyone right away, the snapshot feed within the Google app now shows you ideas on what to eat for dinner. Or really any meal. Because there's a new card in the feed that can suggest recipes for what to cook.

Thus, taking your appetite and beating it into submission by making a delicious meal. The food-related card showing up in the snapshot feed looks to officially be labeled Plan Today's meals with a tag that basically says "hey, here are some recipe ideas for you today."


New recipe cards aren't the only new tricks in the Google app though. According to 9To5Google there are other new cards showing up in the app too.

New tricks for the Google app include podcast cards

Recipes for meals are always useful but what if you want suggestions on your daily dose of podcasts?

The Google app does that too now. Once you jump on over to the snapshot feed in the app, you may end up seeing a new card that says start listening for a fresh morning. These would be curated podcast suggestions for you based on other podcasts you may have already listened to.

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Because these are curated pieces of content though, you likely aren't going to see this card if you never listen to podcasts. These snapshots are of course meant to be tailored for your own personal experience. And that isn't really happening if you get podcast or recipe cards in the snapshot when you never search for that stuff.

These cards are popping up on smart displays too

In addition to showing up in feeds on phones, the cards are also reportedly showing up on smart displays.

So if you have a Nest Hub or a Nest Hub Max for example, you may see these cards show up the next time you use either one. Worth keeping in mind is that they may not show up for everybody. For a few reasons at that.


Firstly, as mentioned these feeds are tailored. So if you never search for recipes or podcasts, you probably won't see these cards. Secondly they may be arriving in people's feeds slowly as Google begins to work them into the fold on a more consistent basis.

Both of these new cards will include links to the results they're related to. So if you like what you can see you can easily access the content.