Google Antitrust Case Could Move Forward With Talks Set For Friday

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Both the Justice Department and the State Attorneys General will reportedly be meeting this Friday, June 26, to discuss the future of an ongoing case against Google for Antitrust practices. Based on a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

The talks may lead to a potential lawsuit down the road and help the journalism industry. According to a statement made by John Stanton, the former D.C. Bureau Chief at Buzzfeed and co-founder of the Save Journalism Project.

Though there is no guarantee that either party will move to sue Google over these practices, the chances are "likely." If the decision to sue is made, there is possibility that it could come at some point during this Summer. That leaves a window of about three months however.


As of right now, it could be anytime between now and the end of that three months. More is likely to surface about that decision following Friday's talks.

This Google antitrust lawsuit would be over the company's use of its dominant position in search

This wouldn't be the first time Google was under scrutiny for anti-competitive practices. Over the past five+ years it's been in the lime light a number of times for various antitrust cases.

This particular investigation which might turn into a lawsuit, would be over how Google uses its dominant position in Search to stifle competition. Which directly impacts the journalism industry by forcing publishers into what could be construed as unfair agreements. A big part of that is Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (also known as AMP) feature.


With AMP, the Save Journalism Project alleges that this tool more than benefits Google but not publishers. Rather it "harms publisher revenue."

State AG lawsuits may not be filed until the Fall

It was reported last month that both the Justice Department and the State Attorneys General were potentially looking into and investigating Google over these matters.

In that report it also echoed the same sentiments as this new report. That both parties would be looking to file lawsuits against Google. Though the Justice Department may be filing lawsuits sometime this Summer, that may not be the case with the State AG.


Back in May, it was reported that the State Attorneys General would be looking to the Fall to file lawsuits. If lawsuits were to be filed at all. More is obviously needed to be discussed before both parties come to a decision. After those discussions take place, information about the decisions could present themselves as early as the same day.