Powered On Galaxy Watch 3 Shown In Leaked Photos

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In a tweet, a few photos of the Galaxy Watch 3 have revealed themselves. Probably the most intriguing and interesting point to raise from these is that the watch is powered on. This means we can see a bit more about how the watch will look.

GSMArena have reported that the watch shows the new rotating bezel. This feature has been rumored for some time but this is the first look we have had at it with power on.

Images did surface earlier in the month to confirm the feature was coming to the Galaxy Watch 3. Overall there are few changes to the UI which relies on the rotating bezel. The watch is expected to come out with the new Tizen 5.5 OS.


What we know about the Galaxy Watch 3

Over the past weeks and months, leaks and rumors have been circulating about the Galaxy Watch 3.

More and more of these are becoming fact rather than speculation as time goes on. The most notable of this is the rotating bezel which has been speculated about for a long time and has now been confirmed.

The name of the Galaxy Watch 3 was first confirmed through a Galaxy wearable app at the beginning of June. The company since confirmed this fact. Earlier in June, the specifications for the Galaxy Watch 3 were leaked with these photos adding more credibility to them.


These specifications included that the Watch would come in 1.2 and 1.4-inch display variants.

The Watch will also come in overall sizes of 41 mm and 45 mm. It will include 8GB of internal storage and support LTE and GPS connectivity as well as 1GB of Ram.

In terms of water resistance, the Watch will be very similar to previous models which allow for up to 50 metres in depth for 10 minutes. The expectation is that the watch will be launched in July but again this is not confirmed.


It is likely that the Galaxy Watch 3 will largely mirror the Active 2 in terms of health sensors. It is rumored to come with an ECG.

However, this is unlikely to roll out upon launch and may come later on in the year when it is ready.

As more and more information leaks out about Samsung's new wearable product excitement naturally grows. Being able to see the watch powered on is an important moment which gives a greater insight into how things will look. Even if it largely confirms what we already knew.


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