Galaxy Fold Lite May Arrive Next Year With 55% Lower Price Tag

samsung galaxy fold ah

The Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite may arrive next year, not this year. That is, at least, what a new report from South Korea is claiming. That report has also shared the price possible price tag of the device.

The Galaxy Fold, as you’re probably aware, was priced at $1,980 when Samsung launched it. Needless to say, that is an extremely high price tag. Well, Samsung may be looking to soften the blow with a ‘Lite’ variant.

The Galaxy Fold Lite allegedly coming next year with a considerably lower price tag

The Galaxy Fold Lite is allegedly planned for next year, and it will cost around $900. That means that its price tag could be 55% lower than the Galaxy Fold’s.


That is still a high price tag, but do take into consideration this is a foldable smartphone. Those users who really want a foldable smartphone, but are not ready to part with $2,000 will be right at home here.

That device was originally rumored to arrive alongside the Galaxy Note 20 series, but that won’t happen. Samsung will launch five flagship-grade phones during that event, and the Galaxy Fold Lite won’t be included.

That launch has allegedly been postponed to next year, which is quite a leap. In any case, Samsung will have to cut some corners in order to reach this price tag.


What will Samsung cut, though? Well, we can only guess at this point. The SoC will have to be more affordable, the same goes for RAM, and storage.

The foldable display, and the hinge are quite pricey

The foldable display and the hinge are not exactly that cheap, so other things will have to be cut down. The cameras will probably also take a hit compared to the flagship-grade fold device(s).

It was rumored, earlier this year, that Samsung is working on several Galaxy Fold models. And that information seems to be accurate. The Galaxy Fold 2 is rumored to arrive soon, while the ‘Lite’ is planned as well.


The Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to launch in August, alongside the Galaxy Note 20. That event may take place on August 5, if rumors are to be believed.

Samsung did not share any official information just yet, though. The company is expected to do that in July, if the event will take place on August 5.

All in all, we’ll get to see more foldable smartphones in 2020. One of them will certainly be the Galaxy Fold 2. It remains to be seen if this Galaxy Fold Lite report is to be believed.