Facebook To Pledge $200 Million To Black-Owned Businesses

Facebook Logo Nov 15 2018 AH

Facebook has taken the decision to pledge $200 million to black-owned business as a company blog post has stated. The effect of George Floyd’s death and the BLM protests have clearly had a profound effect around the world.

Facebook is one of many companies trying to do more to support the BAME community. Google Play, for example, offered discounts for content in line with the BLM movement. Pandora also a Black Music Forever Radio Station to support black artists.

This pledge forms a part of a broader $1.1 billion investment in black suppliers and communities by the company. Facebook also stated that it will be creating a Lift Black Voices on its app. The company is also trying to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce.


Facebook backs BLM movement

$100 million of this money will go to black-owned small businesses and non-profits. This also includes a significant investment in black content-creators. The aim is to spend $1 billion every year from now on to support the black community in a variety of ways.

The company is also planning to enrol 1 million members of the black community in its Elevate programme over the next three years. This program teaches individuals digital skills to help them succeed. On top of this Facebook is offering 100,000 scholarships to black students for digital certificates.

Lift Black Voices space to be created

Facebook is also committing to create a “Lift Black Voices” space on its platform. This space is designed to promote black voices and provide educational resources for the community. The hope is that this space will inspire people to take action against racial injustice.


Part of this plan to promote black creators and stories the company will continue to surface accounts that take action to help the black community. In house, Facebook is also committing to help as well as its pledge to help black-owned business.

The company is trying to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce. By 2023 Facebook wants 50% of its workforce to be from underrepresented groups in society. On top of this, the organization is aiming for 30% more people of color, including 30% more Black people, in leadership positions.

This also includes changing the way the company makes decisions. Facebook is currently reviewing processes to see where else changes can be made.


In the past Facebook has not had the best record in supporting black communities as reported by Engadget. In the past, the company has been accused of empowering a racist company culture as well as not doing enough the tackle racism on its platforms.

There is a fear that with all this investment the company is actually offering charity. Critics worry that this would not amount to any meaningful change.

However, it is good to see companies taking action over racism and hopefully, the change we all want to see will come sooner rather than later.