Facebook App Dark Mode Finally Rolling Out, But Not For Everyone


Facebook has finally started rolling out dark mode for its app, but not for everyone. According to a report by SocialMediaToday, the dark mode is being tested with a small percentage of mobile users.

Facebook app dark mode is here, but not for everyone, not yet

The company itself confirmed, the aforementioned source, that is indeed what's happening. A small percentage of users can now switch to the dark mode within the app.

You can check out what that looks like in the screenshots provided down below. Those screenshots are provided by @NotFridayCraig on Twitter, and shared by Matt Navarra.


As you can see, this dark mode is running on the iOS app, and it's possible that is the only platform the company is testing the change. We're still not sure, it's possible some Android users have it as well, let us know if you do.


If it is available on your device, you should see an option in your Facebook app settings. As you can see, Facebook is going with a dark gray dark mode, which is a contrast to its Messenger app, and Instagram as well.

It is in line with the company's desktop alternative on Facebook.com, though. The company is using the very same model there, as it combines dark gray shades.

This has been a highly-requested feature

Facebook app is one of the very few extremely popular applications that do not have a dark mode. Users have been requesting that feature for a long time at this point.


Facebook has already rolled out dark mode for Messenger, Facebook Lite, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Its main application is the only one that does not have it at the moment.

The good news is that the company has started rolling it out to a small batch of users. That signalizes that it may arrive to everyone in the coming weeks, if everything goes according to plan.

If the company stumbles upon some serious issues, it will go back to fix them. That should not happen, though, considering that it is already rolling out to users, it should be quite stable.


The company had a lot of time to do this right, and we hope it did. We've checked the Facebook app on several Android smartphones, all of which are running Android 10, and nothing yet.

If you do see that change, in the settings, please do let us know. If you can, share some screenshots as well.