Epic Plans To Launch Epic Games Store On Android


Epic Games has formally stated that it has plans to launch its digital game store on Android devices as well as iOS devices.

Presumably this will be similar to how there is an official Steam app on Android. And it would allow you to log into your Epic Games account on your Android smartphone for various interactions. Likely including purchasing games, potentially chatting with friends and more.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has stated that the company will bring the storefront to mobile devices in the future. When though is anyone's guess right now.


The Epic Games Store on Android is coming but when is still a mystery

Does Epic have plans to bring its digital storefront for games to Android and iOS? Yes. The company does want to make its game store available to mobile users.

But when is still entirely unclear. All Sweeney has said is that he and the team at Epic want to bring the store to Android and iOS in the future. He makes no mention of date, or even a relative time frame.

One can maybe assume that the plan is to launch the mobile version of the store sometime soon. Perhaps this Summer or sometime within the next couple of months. But it would be mere speculation right now.


The good thing, is that Epic wants and plans to bring the store to mobile devices at some point in the future. Even if you don't care for Epic's digital storefront, it does bring in competition and more competition is usually a pretty good thing.

Another plus, is that this could make it way easier to pick up free games. Epic tosses out games for free quite often, but if you don't open the launcher very often on PC, you might miss those offers.

With the app on your phone, you'd likely get alerts for that kinda stuff right in your notification bar with the Epic Games Store icon. So visually you could more easily identify what it is.


Fortnite has paved the way

It's likely that a big reason Epic is now considering plans to bring the Games Store to Android, is because it finally launched Fortnite in the Google Play Store.

Sweeney has been pretty openly critical of how Google and Apple run their app stores. And since Fortnite's launch on Android, it's been a big reason that Epic circumvented using the Play Store by creating and distributing its own games launcher apk for mobile titles.

But back at the end of April, Epic finally launched Fortnite on the Play Store. This shift has probably paved the way for getting the Epic Games Store onto mobile devices.