Enjoy Gigabit Internet From Verizon Fios For Only $79/Month

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Who doesn't want Gigabit internet? If you raised your hand, put it down because you're lying. Verizon Fios has Gigabit internet speeds, and right now you can get it for just $79.99 per month.

That is cheaper than what most other internet service providers are offering for much slower speeds.

Remember that Verizon Fios is fiber internet, so you're getting the same speeds up and down (or relatively similar). In this case of the Gigabit plan, you're getting 940Mbps down and 880Mbps up. Compared to an ISP like Comcast, where it would be 1000Mbps down and 35Mbps up, that's pretty impressive. And cheaper too.


Of course, not everyone needs super fast upload speeds but it is nice to have. Especially if you are a content creator. As it's going to make uploading those videos to YouTube or Instagram a whole lot faster.

If you want TV, you can add it. Verizon Fios makes it super simply to add the TV and Internet plan that you want, through its Mix and Match system. So you can get Gigabit internet for $79 and then YouTube TV for $49.99 (YouTube TV will likely be increased to $64.99 to match what Google is charging for it now). Or you can get more channels with the Verizon Fios The Most Fios TV plan for $90 per month – which includes 425 channels.

This price for Verizon Fios is with autopay and before taxes. So depending on where you live, that could add a good amount to your bill. Also keep in min that Verizon Fios is not available everywhere. So it's a good idea to check out their coverage map, or put in your address first, before deciding you want to switch. Because for the vast majority of the US, Verizon Fios is not an option for internet.

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