Earn Samsung Rewards Points For Playing Games On Galaxy Devices

Samsung Rewards Points For Games

If you play games on a Samsung Galaxy phone then you'll want to sign up for Samsung Rewards. Because the company just announced some incentives to play more games on said devices.

The program will net rewards for players who spend money in mobile games or on mobile games that they download. But only if those downloads come from the Galaxy Store on a Galaxy device.

These new incentives for gamers are very similar to what Google offers with its Play Points system. You spend money on certain games and you'll earn points for every dollar you spend. Which can then be used to pick up any number of gifts or perks, like Play Store credit or in-game currencies.


Samsung Rewards points will be earned for every dollar you spend on games

Just like with Play Points, Samsung's program will net players points for every single dollar they spend on games in the Galaxy Store.

Specifically three points for every dollar. Samsung hasn't made it clear if games that count will be selected or curated every week. Or how often new games are cycled through. Chances are though that points won't be issued for spending money on any game.

It's likely that specific games will be the target to drive sales on those games. Players can start earning points today though. So if you already have a Galaxy device and you spend money on mobile games from time to time, now might be a good time to check things out.

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There will be more ways to earn throughout the Summer

Samsung has more plans for gamers later on this Summer. So Galaxy device owners should keep their eyes peeled for interesting new incentives and perks to pop up.

For now, you can simply pull up the Galaxy Store and earn points for purchasing some of the games listed there.

Once you've acquired enough points you can spend those points on other Galaxy Store games. Though it's also not clear which games can be purchased with points. Whether it's all games or just a curated selection that Samsung comes up with.


The first additional set of perks will be starting in July (this Wednesday), and continuing for the entire month. During this time, anyone who spends money on "participating" games will earn double the points. So there will be more of a chance to rack them up.

Samsung is also holding a Summer Sweeps event where you have a chance to win $1,000 worth of Samsung Rewards points. All you have to do is make a purchase in the Galaxy Store during the month of July to enter.