Discord Is Moving Away From Its Gamer Branding To Be More Inclusive

Discord Branding Your Place To Talk
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Today Discord has revealed that it wants to be more inclusive of its entire user base, and will therefore move away from the gamer branding that it has had since its inception.

Gaming is the foundation of Discord. And it will always be what “inspired” the company to turn Discord into what it is today. A place where people can go to keep in touch and communicate with people and communities they care about.

As part of this change, Discord will be shifting its focus to be about more than just games, letting go of the gamer branding. Moving forward Discord will simply be a place to talk, and not just the best tool for chatting while you take down massive bosses or the enemy team with groups of other players.


It’ll still be about those things, of course. Just not only about those things.

Discord drops gamer branding and is now a place for everyone to talk

All of the changes Discord is now making begin with making the onboarding experience a lot easier to get through.

Another big transition revolves around the jokes that Discord would make in its patch notes for updates. Or in its references around the app. For all of Discord’s existence these jokes have been gamer specific. But no longer.


While they may still revolve around games some of the time, they will now also be less gaming specific than before. Which is all in part to help make users who don’t play games have the ability to “join in on the fun” with Discord’s antics.

Which let’s be honest, are some of the best parts about its patch notes and the app.

Improving user security – bringing down the banhammer on bad apples

In helping to make Discord become more inclusive of all its users, even the non-gamers, Discord is ever improving its user security.


It’s dedicated to making Discord and all its communities feel like a safe space for those who want to use it. This means bringing down the banhammer on those that would seek to use Discord to do harm to others. Whether it be “racists, white supremacists, or anyone else who wants to use Discord for evil.”

Discord also says voice and video capacity have been increased by about 200-percent and it’s fixed quite a few bugs that have been plaguing the platform. All in all, a lot of good seems to be coming out of these rebranding efforts.

Discord of course will still be called Discord. And the visuals aren’t likely to change in terms of the platform’s design. At least not right now.