New Bedtime Tools Are Coming To Android's Digital Wellbeing


Google is announcing a number of new Bedtime Tools today, while expanding the functionality of its Digital Wellbeing suite of features.

With the current ongoing situation, there has been a big jump in searches for "insomnia" and "can't sleep", so Google is here to help you get some better sleep with a few new features that are coming soon to Android.

Bedtime mode will limit interruptions

Firstly, you can turn on Bedtime Mode which will limit interruptions, and it is a feature that you already have on your phone. This is the new name for Wind Down.


With Bedtime Mode on, your phone will use Do Not Disturb to silence calls, texts and other notifications. It also fades the screen into Grayscale colors, to make you want to put down your phone, since the colors are no longer enticing.

Google has also made it easier to customize how and when you turn on Bedtime Mode. This is going to be based on your Bedtime schedule, and you can choose to have it turn on automatically or after your phone is plugged in to charge. On top of that, you also have the ability to add a Bedtime Mode toggle to your Quick Settings. So you can quickly turn it on or off with a single tap.

The Clock app is gaining new features to help you sleep better

Not all of the features announced today are going to be part of the Digital Wellbeing suite. The Clock app is also getting a few features here.


With the Cock app, you set daily sleep and wake times to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. This is going to be available in the new "Bedtime" tab in the Clock app.

Sticking to a schedule is important, and will allow you to get better sleep. This is particularly important on your days off, or the weekend. While many like to stay up late on the weekends, it's not a good idea for those that have trouble sleeping.

You can also use the sunrise alarm to be woken up nicely, instead of by a blarring alarm that is next to your bed.


You also have the ability to set a bedtime reminder in YouTube now. You will get a reminder in the YouTube app that it is time to go to bed. You can also choose to get the reminder at bedtime or after your current video completes.

The YouTube Bedtime reminder has already rolled out, and the Bedtime tab for the Clock app will start rolling out to Pixel devices today. With other Android devices coming later this summer.

Finally, you can keep devices locked at bedtime with Family Link. If your kids are having trouble putting down their phone at night to go to bed, you can opt to create a daily bedtime schedule – and yo can adjust it as needed. So once bedtime rolls around, your kids devices will lock. It does still allow for calls in case they need to call you. But they won't be able to watch videos on it, and instead will go to bed.