Dark Mode Coming To Google Docs, Sheets & Slides


Google has announced that Dark mode is coming Docs, Sheets and Slides as reported by 9to5. Given that Google Drive received this update in April it was only a matter of time before it rolled out more widely. 9to5 has spotted this update in its APK insights on a new string of data.

XDA has pointed following Android 10 bringing in the ability to toggle dark mode many apps followed suit. Many apps implanted this pretty quickly but some are still languishing behind. It is positive to see Google finally following suit with Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Google Docs get dark mode

Reports suggest the dark mode will be relatively straightforward. It is likely to be very similar to the one already introduced in Google Drive in the list/grid view of files.


However, things get a little more complex when it comes to the actual layout when editing a document.

The document editor will also be getting a dark mode. This feature looks like it will only apply to Docs and Sheets as theming is more common on Slides.

Google is calling the layout “dark mode canvas”. What this means is that it will adjust your content to fit the dark theme.


This feature will be more about theming documents rather than as simplistic dark mode. As users of slides are more accustomed to changing the background and theming it is likely to look something like that.

The update is no available as of yet and there is no word on exactly when it will roll out. Version will definitely be required but it seems that Google is gearing up for this to launch soon.

This is a very positive move for anyone that is into late-night editing. It has been something that users have been calling for over a period of time. Gladly it looks like it is almost here.


Google has been busy with regular updates for Docs, Sheets and Slides over the past few weeks and months.

A more mobile-friendly update rolled out in early June. This surrounded comments and by making them more visible and clearer for mobile users.

Just before this, a new save-status indicator was introduced also. This allowed users to see whether their file was saved to the cloud or to their device. This is still yet to be rolled out in full but over the coming few days all users should see this update.