The CTA Thinks CES 2021 Will Go On Without A Hitch

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Despite concerns about the Coronavirus outbreak still impacting life come January 2021, CES is still going to be happening, in person next year.

The CTA, the company that runs CES, announced today in a press release that it is planning to have an in-person CES event like it has had for past few decades, in Las Vegas.

There will be some changes, of course, and right now where we are seven months out from the event, a lot of these changes haven’t been made official just yet. But CES is planning to give exhibitors a way to showcase their latest products “both physically in Las Vegas and digitally.”


CES is the biggest tech show in the world

CES or the Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest technology show in the world, and it really sets the stage for the rest of the year, as to what to expect from companies. And without CES, things would really change.

Most of us know CES for being the place where we see lots of new TVs, cars, and other cool and wacky gadgets. But for exhibitors, it’s more than just showing off its latest creations to the press. They are also meeting with partners. Like retailers and talking them into selling their products. Companies are also talking with manufacturers, to create relationships and much more. It’s a very important event, behind the scenes.

In fact, every year we hear about how Samsung showed off the latest Galaxy S device behind closed doors to its partners. Usually carriers and retail partners. That’s just some of what happens at CES every year.


Last year, CES had around 175,000 attendees, making it one of the biggest years yet for CES. And of course, that brings in a lot of money to the city of Las Vegas. Though the city pretty much runs on tourism money and the casinos anyways.

Additionally, the Las Vegas Convention Center, is planning to complete a $980 million expansion in time for CES 2021. Which is the main venue for the show.

New health policies

The CTA is promising that there will be new health policies put in place for the show next year. It stated in the press release that it will “regularly clean and sanitize spaces” and also offer “sanitization stations.”


Additionally, the CTA is going to widen aisles and seats to increase distancing, limit “touch points” by using tech like mobile payments and also provide on-site health services.

This is actually good news, COVID-19 or not. As CES is usually very packed, and it’s hard to move around without touching people. So widening the aisles and giving people more places to sit is a good thing.