Here's The Retail Box Of That BTS Edition Of The Galaxy S20+

bts galaxy s20

A little over a week ago, Samsung made the BTS Edition of the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+ official. But thanks to a new leak from Evleaks, we’re starting to see what the retail box and the actual products will look like when they are released. As well as what the Galaxy S20+ is going to look like.

The Galaxy Buds+ haven’t really shown us anything new. They’ll be black and purple. But the Galaxy S20+ on the other hand, will have a few more changes.

BTS Edition Galaxy S20+ sports a heart logo in the camera module

On the back of the Galaxy S20+, you can see that there is a heart logo in the camera module. With the rest of the back being a different shade of purple from the frame of the phone.


These images also show that there will be some software tweaks as well. Though we don’t know the specifics yet as to what will be changed on the software front. But it wouldn’t be too crazy to expect some new BTS wallpapers, and even an icon pack.

BTS is a very popular K-Pop group, out of South Korea – Samsung’s homeland. So it makes sense that Samsung is making a BTS version of its Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+. It is definitely going to appeal to the younger crowd that are BTS fans.

This isn’t Samsung’s first themed phone

Samsung does themed phones like this quite often. Though, most of the time, they are for the Olympics. Which, Samsung is a big sponsor of. And even provides its latest smartphone to all of the athletes to be able to use during the Olympics to capture photos, call their friends and families, etc. And they get to keep the phone afterwards. The Olympic edition of the phone isn’t usually put on sale, so it is a very special edition phone.


Now, the BTS Edition of the Galaxy S20+ and the Galaxy Buds+ are likely going to be going on sale at some point. Unlike the Olympic edition of its smartphones. Samsung actually had to cancel the Olympic Edition Galaxy S20 due to the Olympics being postponed for the pandemic.

We still don’t have any idea when the BTS Edition will go on sale. But expect it to be a very limited run. It’s also likely that the BTS Edition Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+ will cost more than the non-BTS Edition models cost.