Baby Convinced She Was Named After Amazon's Alexa Voice Assistant

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So you’ve had a baby and you spent a fair amount of time coming up with a beautiful name you adore, only for them to be convinced their name is Alexa.

At the very least your baby responds to Alexa as if that was the case. That seems to be what’s happening with a couple of parents who have shared videos of their children only responding once they call them by the name Alexa.

Truth be told it’s a rather cute scenario rather than any sort of issue. And if you’re a parent who has an Amazon Echo speaker and a younger child, you can likely see the comedy in all of this.


Eleven-month old baby thinks her name is Alexa

In the case of a mom in Douglas, Isle Of Man, as reported by The New York Post, a video shows everything unfold.

The child, whose real name is Emily, doesn’t respond to Emily but does look towards the camera when the name Alexa is called out. According to the mother, they purchased an Echo speaker when Emily was five months old.

They’ve used it considerably since obtaining it and it seems to have made quite an impact. They’re not the only ones this is reportedly happened to either.


According to GizChina who found a video shared by Good Morning America, a seven-month old responds to Alexa as well. Instead of her actual name which is Caroline.

It seems Alexa can do a lot these days

Alexa is capable of quite a lot these days. From controlling your smart home electronics to playing games with you all by voice. Just last week Amazon rolled out a voice-activated and controlled version of Words with Friends in partnership with Zynga.

Those of course are all intended features. Convincing your child that their name is Alexa is obviously not something that was ever intended. Even if it’s not happening en masse, it seems like it’s still possible.


Funny as it might be, though, it does seem like the parents will have a little bit of a conundrum on their hands. After months of using the Alexa speaker and their child being around to hear it, perhaps the only thing to do to reverse the impact would be to not use the speaker around the child.

Or, maybe they just need to change their child’s name to Alexa. If you want to watch the videos for a laugh, you can find the one from Good Morning America below and the one from the Ney York Post at the link above.