ASUS Is Likely Close To Officially Unveiling The ROG Phone III

ROG Phone II

ASUS is suspected to hold the unveiling event for the ROG Phone III sometime this Summer. Which could be anytime between July and September. As it's been rumored to release the phone in Q3 of this year.

Following a recently leaked image though, it appears that ASUS may be closer than we think to unveiling the ROG Phone III and making it available to consumers.

On June 18, a user on the Chinese micro blogging site Weibo shared an image of the device. And this one is a hands-on shot of what looks like a finished product. It also matches the design of the phone that was shown in images from the TENAA certification earlier this week. So this does seem to be the final design.


The ASUS ROG Phone III is probably just around the corner

Information about the ROG Phone III has been trickling out for months now. And the closer it gets to an announcement, the more the information seems to be accurate.

The latest leak which includes the image below, also talks more about the specs of the phone. Some of which are exactly what were listed in the TENAA certification. The point is that details are starting to match up more and more.

And with the image below appearing to be a production model phone, this might suggest that ASUS is more or less ready to show off the device in an official capacity. All that's left to really do at this point is wait.

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One thing worth pointing out is the "Tencent Games" logo towards the bottom of the phone. A logo like that may not necessarily be on a global model of the device. Or even a regional model. But it could be a special edition model of the phone that is offered in China which has some sort of partnership with Tencent.

If that were the case, then anyone buying a potential model like that could end up with in-game rewards for some of Tencent's biggest games. Like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile and more. Of course this is only speculation. And the logo may never be there at all for any production models regardless of the region.

The ROG Phone III may have a 144Hz display

Though no specifications are official yet, some have leaked out along with this hands-on image. According to the leak the ROG Phone III will carry a 6.59-inch display which could either come with a 120Hz or 144Hz refresh rate.


The display is also rumored to be an FHD+ symmetrical OLED panel, come with a 6,000mAh-capacity battery, a 64-megapixel rear camera, 30-W fast charge support, and up to 16GB of RAM.

Some of these specs have been rumored before. So again a few details are starting to match up. That being said, consumers should still take things with a grain of salt as none of this is officially from ASUS.