ASUS ROG Phone III Meets Another Launch Requirement Goal


The ROG Phone III has met its latest goal on the road to an official release, which is slated to happen sometime this Summer.

Speculation is that ASUS will be launching the ROG Phone III in July, but like any other phone it has to meet every goal or requirement that’s needed before it can be deemed ready for mass production. In this case that pertains to more certifications.

As the ROG Phone III just went through its Bluetooth certification, with the Bluetooth SIG having just published the certification on June 26.


Bluetooth certification for the ROG Phone III is one the final pieces of the puzzle

Now that Bluetooth certification for the device is out of the way, there isn’t much left that ASUS needs to do before the launch.

Something to keep in mind is that ASUS may not actually release the phone in July. Rather it could simply announce the ROG Phone III officially. With a launch happening later on in the Summer.

Then again, ASUS could announce the phone in early July. Then follow it up with availability for purchase by the end of the month. All in all, if rumors are accurate the ROG Phone III will be in the hands of users before too long.

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Just like with the Pixel 4a, there’s not really a lot left to the imagination with ASUS’s upcoming device. Most of the specs have already leaked, and what is seemingly the final design has leaked recently as well.

ASUS has already confirmed the device

Even though ASUS hasn’t formally announced the new phone it has officially confirmed/acknowledged its existence.

Earlier this year, specifically back on June 3 it announced a partnership with Unity. That partnership would include working on things for more than just the ROG Phone III. However it did specifically name the ROG Phone III too. Thus finally putting it out in the open that it was indeed coming to market.


As this was not a formal ROG Phone III announcement, there was little else to go on. Other than that the phone was in development and probably close to being finalized. The ROG Phone III should be using the Snapdragon 865 mobile platform, but some rumors have suggested that it will be using the “Plus” version of this platform specifically.

Which would make sense as the ROG Phone II used the Plus version of the Snapdragon 855. Which has more gaming-focused features. More details about the phone are likely to pop up in the weeks ahead.