ASUS Confirms ROG Phone III Through Unity Partnership


ASUS hasn’t officially announced the ROG Phone III yet, but it has now confirmed its existence through the announcement of Unity partnership.

According to a new report from GSMArena, citing an ASUS press release, the famous gaming brand has named Unity as a verified solutions partner.

In this announcement, ASUS mentions that it will be creating a special plugin for the Unity Engine. As well as the fact that the ROG Phone III will support a handful of special features through that plugin.


Beyond that, ASUS doesn’t appear to have mentioned what the plugin will do for Unity or what features would be supported on its phones. So perhaps it will share more on that at a later date.

The Unity plugin will support features on the ROG II in addition to the ROG Phone III

In addition to supporting the ROG Phone III, ASUS also reportedly mentioned that the plugin it creates will support features on the ROG Phone II as well.

There will be five features specifically. When the plugin for the Unity Engine is finalized and pushed out to devices, it’s not immediately clear if those supported features will be something that users can adjust.


If they are, owners of the ROG Phone II (and eventually the ROG Phone III) could see those features inside of the Armory Crate. This is the app ASUS has created and placed on its ROG gaming phones. Where uses can adjust things like the RGB lighting, toggling the fan on and off for the attachment and more.

It’s also possible that the features the plugin supports will simply be passive and users won’t be able to change anything on their own. Rather, they might simply be features that improve the experience in some games which use the Unity engine.

A Summer release could have been delayed

Recent rumors have suggested that ASUS might launch the ROG Phone III sometime in the third quarter.


That would be sometime this Summer, between July and October. While ASUS could still certainly meet that release goal, with everything going on it’s also entirely possible that a launch could have been delayed.

Since ASUS hasn’t made any formal statements about the device, such an announcement and unveiling, it’s tough to tell. But a release could be in the near future provided the company is able to stay on target.

As it gets closer to a potential release date, ASUS will probably share more details. And maybe even formally announce the phone.