Android Sound Amplifier Now Compatible With Bluetooth Headphones

Sound Amplifier Accessibility AH 2019

Sound Amplifier which is a useful tool for android devices has now become compatible with Bluetooth headphones according to 9to5Google. The tool first came out in 2019 and has proved a hit with users but this addition will make it an even more useful tool.

The move to be able to pair with Bluetooth headphones has been a long time coming for many but it is finally here. Bluetooth support did begin rolling out in March 2020 but this is the first time it has worked for headphones. The convenience and additional functionality caused by this announcement are significant especially for those with hearing impairments.

No Need for the Headphone Jack

Previously, Sound Amplifier was restricted to using wire connected headphones. Given the continued expansion of Bluetooth headphones, this has proved to be restrictive for both customers and manufactures. This is, therefore, a significant step in favor of Bluetooth technology and a further movement away from wire connected headphones.


For many, this is an overdue change which could not have come any sooner. Sound Amplifier supports Bluetooth headphones with app versions 3.0.3 and higher. The Play Store supports the update and is widely available to all.

Bluetooth Opens Up Possibilities for Sound Amplifier

On the face of it, this announcement may seem like a minor one. However, the opportunities opened up by them being able to use Bluetooth headphones with Sound Amplifier are significant. Although the battery charge issues exist with Bluetooth headphones, they are also more discrete.

This means users may be able to keep Sound Amplifier running in more situations than previously. This is because they would not be lumbered with the more conspicuous wire connected headphones. Another important advantage is that users without a headphone jack can charge their phone whilst using the app.

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One of the great uses of Sound Amplifiers is for those that have hearing issues. Being able to raise the volume to suit their needs is important to many. However, with the need to use wire connected headphones it still felt restrictive. Those with hearing impairments can now listen to audio from a distance whilst paired to their device. This is probably the biggest advantage of this announcement.

It is worth noting that this technology can also be abused! However, the benefits in this case probably outweigh the issues given its diverse functionality. Overall, although this is probably an overdue announcement, it is certainly a welcome one. Users now have greater functionality and convenience at their fingertips when using Sound Amplifier.