Android Game News June 15-19: Free CoD: Mobile Loot, New Stadia Games & More


This week has spawned some interesting developments in Android games, including new opportunities for free loot in CoD Mobile.

Now, free loot in Activision's hit mobile first-person shooter is nothing new. The developers bake in new chances to acquire free gun skins and more just about every couple of weeks. And at the very least two times a season.

In this week's case, the free CoD Mobile loot includes a plethora of items including a new gun skin. All of this comes from the featured "Radiated Sector" event that is currently going on, which started on June 19, and will continue until July 2.


Aside from Call of Duty, Black Desert Mobile also pushed out a new update. There have been a a couple of announcements for Stadia as well.

How to get your FREE loot in CoD Mobile this week

CoD Mobile Free Loot Irradiated Sector Event

The steps are actually quite simple. Sometimes getting free loot in CoD Mobile requires you to do very specific tasks. Not this time around.


While you still have to do something to acquire the items, it's a pretty lenient deal. As all you really have to do is play the game. The Radiated Sector event officially says you have to consume stim shots to increase your resistance and level up.

And at each level up tier you'll get an item. The most coveted is no doubt the new PDW skin called the PDW-57 Hot Spot. This skin features an animated graphic around the entirety of the gun model. And players seem to be pretty happy with it so far, based on the subreddit.

You'll get that gun skin once you reach level 4. With level 1, 2, and 3 being a backpack, the BY15 Hellion Shotgun, and the Tangled Web helicopter in that order. The final item which you get at level 5 is an animated calling card.


It'll cost you 300 consumed stim shots to get everything. But remember all you have to do is play. Simply playing games in any mode and completing that match will net you progress towards these goals. So the only thing holding players back is putting in time.

Put in some work, and you'll easily get all of these free loot items in CoD Mobile. Just make sure you do it before July 2 or you'll lose out.

Wave Break officially comes to Stadia on June 23

Stadia is poised to get another timed exclusive soon, as Wave Break developer Funktronic Labs announced the official release date for the game.


It's due out first on Stadia on June 23, offering a unique experience of skateboarding-style gameplay, but using boats instead of skateboards. You can still do all sorts of tricks and even play in both single player and multiplayer mode.

And it has some rather interesting mechanics like the ability to use weapons in multiplayer to take out your enemies and ensure your win. There's a neat retro 80's style vibe from the soundtrack too, mirroring the era of 1980s Miami.

You'll be able to pick it up from the Stadia store next week for $30.


Windbound is one of two new narrative-driven RPGs coming to Stadia in 2020

In addition to Wave break coming next week, Stadia also has two new RPG games with heavy narratives coming to the platform.

The first is Windbound, and is a survival and crafting RPG where you must figure out a way to stay alive on a mysterious island where you get shipwrecked. You must scavenge the land to find materials which you can use to help you build new weapons and tools, as well as a new boat.

There's a lot of explorative capability here, so this is one you'll want to really dig deep into to discover every secret that the game has to offer.


The second RPG is called Cris Tales, which follows more of a JRPG style for the gameplay. The big deal here is that the developers state the game offers over 20 hours of gameplay.

For a JRPG fan, that should be a good thing as it means you'll probably end up invested in the stories of the characters. Cris Tales features 2D animated visuals and strategic turn-based combat. So it's fairly similar to a lot of old-school JRPG games that you may have played growing up.

Another key factor is that this is described as a very narrative-heavy RPG game. So expect decent story and plot development.


Black Desert Mobile gets a new gear awakening system

Black Desert Mobile Gear Awakening

Earlier this week, Black Desert Mobile introduced a couple of new updated features to the game. One is called the Gear Awakening system.

As the name suggests, this is a method for players to awaken their gear, which essentially means they will be making it stronger. This will be the fastest way to reach a higher combat level and gain some buffs along the way. All things you will want as you traverse through the game's most dangerous locations.

In addition to the Gear Awakening system there's also a new system called Family Blessings that players can check out. Family Blessings is built around providing players with experience buffs. Though not for all characters.

The way this works is that if you have multiple characters that you play, the Family Blessings EXP buff will be applied to any characters which are below your strongest level character. Once they reach that level, the buff disappears.

So it's a great and easy way to make sure all your characters are as strong as they can be.

Razer drops new THX spatial audio software for PC gamers

Razer this week has released a new piece of software for PC gamers that enhances the sound of all their gameplay. This is a new THX spatial audio software that Razer is selling for $9.99 if you upgrade from the purchase of its 7.1 surround software.

It retails for $19.99 for everyone else. The software is simply called THX Spatial Audio, and it can be picked up from the Razer website. It's designed to offer you the best possible positional sound from any source, so things feel more real while you play.

It also features surround sound calibration and EQ customizations, along with support for, USB, and Bluetooth headsets. You can check out the audio for yourself with the demo video that Razer provided above, though make sure you're wearing headphones as this is what the software was intended for. And without them you probably won't notice a difference.

Pokémon launches a teeth brushing game for kids

Earlier this week the Pokémon Company announced a handful of new games for mobile and Nintendo Switch. One of those mobile games is a game for kids that encourages them to develop good teeth brushing habits.

It's called Pokémon Smile, and it's already available on the Play Store. The app is designed to use the front camera of your device and augmented reality technology to form this game.

As kids brush their teeth, they have the chance to save Pokémon on-screen by brushing skillfully. They can even catch them at the end and store them in their Pokédex, as well as wear Pokémon-themed caps that they can see themselves wear during the game.

In addition to Pokémon Smile, Pokémon Café Mix was also announced. In this game, you play the owner of a cafe who serves foods to the Pokémon patrons who love visiting your cafe. You can even hire some of them as staff to help you out.

Overall this is a puzzle game, and you must solve puzzles to be able to serve all kinds of Pokémon-themed dishes to your customers.