Android 11 Beta 1 Brings New Options To The Recents Menu


Another new feature of the first Android 11 Beta build is a set of new options in the recents menu.

When you swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the recents menu, you'll now see buttons below the open app panels for screenshot, select, and share. In Android 10, there are no options here at all. It's just the recents panels for the apps you currently have open and running.

Below those used to be the Pixel launcher dock. Which included the Google Search bar and the apps that were in the dock. Android 11 seems to remove this entirely and replaces it with the new options mentioned above.


Take and share screenshots from the recents menu in the Android 11 Beta

Google seems to love screenshots. Because there's now two more viable ways to take and share them. In the unlikeliest of places no less – the recents menu.

With Android 11, when you bring up the recents menu, if you select the screenshot button it'll do exactly as you'd imagine. It takes a screenshot and saves it as it normally would. If this is something you plan to share though, you might as well just hit the share button.

Because hitting the share button immediately brings up the share menu. You might ask yourself, what are am I sharing? And the answer is a screenshot of the current open app panel that's in view. It's a quick and easy way to share a screenshot of the open app panel that you're currently on. It's nifty, and maybe a little bit unnecessary.


It is however a quick and easy way to send screenshots to people. Perhaps the more interesting bit is the select option though.

The select option lets you quickly copy selected text from recent apps

Out of the three usable options here, the select option has to be the most functional.

What it does is select all of the text on-screen of whatever open app panel you're on. All of the text is separated into blocks, which are designated by highlighted boxes. Tapping on one of these boxes brings up the option to copy the text you want.


Now, it will only let you copy whatever text is already visible in the open app panel. You can't scroll, so if you're going to use this as a quick way to select text and copy it, that portion has to already be in view.

Even with that being the case though, it should still prove useful.