More Affordable 55-inch OnePlus TV Is One Step Closer To Launch


The all-new 55-inch OnePlus TV has just made one step closer to launch. The device got certified by both Bluetooth SIG and BIS India, which essentially confirms its arrival.

The 55-inch OnePlus TV is one step closer to launch thanks to new certifications

The device went through Bluetooth SIG as 'OnePlus 55UA0A01'. This certification confirms that the 55-inch OnePlus TV will run Android TV OS, though that was to be expected.

As far as BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification goes, the very same model appeared there as well, along with the 55UA01A01. This certification confirms that an LED panel will be used.


BIS certification definitely confirms that OnePlus is planning to launch its upcoming TVs in India. We're not sure if they will be made available elsewhere, though.

The company announced the OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro TVs last year. Those TVs were made available in India, and nowhere else to this day. So we're really not sure what are the company's plans with these new TVs.

That being said, the company will announce several new TVs soon. Those OnePlus TVs are expected to be more affordable than their predecessors.


This is not the first time these TVs surfaced either. OnePlus plans to announce those TVs in several different sizes, based on all the certification information that we've seen. Even their remotes got certified recently.

The company will announce three affordable OnePlus TVs soon

The company may actually launch three affordable OnePlus TVs soon, as 32-inch, 43-inch, and 55-inch models all got certified. Those TVs will probably include fullHD+ or 2K displays.

The OnePlus Q1 and Q1 Pro include 4K panels, so OnePlus has to cut costs somewhere. The TVs will offer really thin bezels, while stereo speakers will be a part of the package as well.


Based on the information that surfaced thus far, those TVs will become official on July 2. That is just a rumored date for their launch, though, the company hasn't confirmed it yet.

We also know that those TVs will all support Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. WiFi will be included, of course, while each of those TVs will include a ton of ports as well, as you'd expect out of a smart TV.

There you have it. A 55-inch OnePlus TV is now one step closer to launch, just like its siblings. The company is expected to announce all of these TVs at the same time, by the way.