YouTube Is Rolling Out Bedtime Reminders To Help You Sleep Better


YouTube is now rolling out an update, delivering a new feature called 'Bedtime reminders' intended to proactively help users get a better night's sleep. That's according to reports stemming from a recently spotted official discussion post in the YouTube help forums.

As its branding implies, Bedtime reminders serve as a way for users to remind themselves to keep tabs on the time. Specifically, that's when they're watching late at night or in the early morning hours. It lets users set their own bedtime schedule and then reminds them — every ten minutes — that they should be asleep.

Once set, the reminders can be made to appear immediately during video playback or at the end of clips when one is already underway.


Here's how to can find and turn on YouTube bedtime reminders

Now, turning on the feature after it has arrived is a straightforward affair. But this is only going to work on mobile devices for the time being. Google doesn't provide any indication as to whether the utility will arrive on other platforms any time soon — or ever.

Users will need to first navigate to the YouTube application on their Android or iOS device. The media-focused Google company says also that users will need to be signed in for the setting to work.

Once in the app, there appear to be a few ways to get to the Bedtime reminders in the app settings. But the easiest will be, as described by Google, to jump straight there. Tapping on the profile picture at the top-right-hand-side of the UI will reveal an option dubbed 'Time Watched'. Selecting that will jump to the appropriate menu.


There, "Remind me when it’s time for bed" can be turned on or off. The feature can also be assigned a set start and end time there.

Additionally, that's where extra associated options are found. For instance, users can select a "Wait until I finish my video to show reminder" during setup. That'll turn on the above-mentioned feature allowing users to wait to see a reminder until after any given show or video they started prior to "bedtime."

Now, when bedtime reminders appear, users have the option to snooze the reminder for ten minutes. But this, like other Digital Wellbeing features, depends entirely on the user's willpower. The reminder can also be dismissed entirely.


It's not immediately clear how this update is rolling out but it'll arrive soon

One detail left out of Google's explanation is exactly how the new YouTube Bedtime reminders feature is rolling out. So it isn't immediately clear whether an app update is needed. The company may simply be turning on the switch on the server-side. And the latter option does seem most likely since that's historically how the company has delivered YouTube updates.

Server-side changes are typically much faster to roll out and updates often take more than a week when pushed over the Google Play Store. In its help forum, YouTube says it should only take a few days to land. So more users than not should already see the feature in the app.