You Can Pre-Order The Sonos Arc, Five & Sub Today


Today, Sonos announced three new products – the Arc, Five and Sub – all of which are now available to pre-order.

Pre-orders are going to be taking place at Sonos' website only. When they go on sale next month, they will be available at the regular list of retailers. Which include Best Buy, Amazon and others.

All three products are available in Black and white, like the rest of Sonos' product line. This way it's easier to make them all match in your home.


Where you can pre-order the Sonos Arc, Five and Sub

As mentioned, you can get them all from The three products will start shipping on June 10.

Sonos Arc is going to cost you the most at $799. With the Sonos Five at $499 and the Sub at $699. These are actually the same prices as their predecessors. So it's good to see that Sonos was able to make drastic improvements to these devices, while keeping the prices the same.

Pre-orders start today, May 6 and will ship on June 10.

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Pre-Order Sonos Arc, Five Or Sub -

The new Sonos S2 app will be available on June 8

Another big announcement from Sonos today is about their new S2 app. This is a brand new, built from the ground up, app that is going to control all of Sonos products.

It was first announced a few months ago, and now we finally know when it'll be available. Starting on June 8. Just a couple of days before the Arc, Five and Sub are available to consumers.


With the S2, it'll work with newer Sonos products, and the company is going to make it super simple to move your current Sonos products over to the new app. The app is going to bring in some new features, that will include support for high resolution audio technologies. And this includes Dolby Atmos on the Arc.

The new Arc, Five and Sub will only work on the new S2 app. While older devices will work on both the current Sonos app and the new S2 app. But anything newer than the Sonos One will work on the S2. So if you have any of the "PLAY" branded speakers, you will likely be out of luck. Now those speakers won't stop working, you just won't be getting any new features from Sonos.

The app is going to be available on iOS and Android or course, and make it easier to control your speakers as well as play music and other content on them.