You Can Now Schedule Tweets On Twitter, But There's A Catch

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It’s only available in the web app, at Twitter.com.

It took Twitter nearly a decade, but it has finally rolled out one of the best features that third-party apps have had for many years. Including one app that Twitter owns – Tweetdeck. And that is the ability to schedule tweets in the future on Twitter. Now you won’t need to use a third-party app like Hootsuite, Buffer or something else, to get this done.

The feature has been rolling out to Twitter users over the past few weeks, and should be available to everyone now.


You can schedule down to the specific minute that you want the Tweet to go out. And you can schedule up to two years from now, which is just insane.

How do you use tweet scheduling?

Login to the Twitter website. In the compose box, you should see a new icon. It is towards the right, and looks like a calendar with a timer on it. Click on that.

From there, you are able to select the date and time that you want the tweet to go out. And you can even select the time zone. So if you want something to go out at 12PM in Europe, you can select the European time zone, instead of having to do math (spoiler alert: they are 6 hours ahead of the Eastern US).


Now click on the blue “Confirm” button in the upper-right hand corner. After that, you can create your tweet and when you finish, click on the “Schedule” button. This is the button that normally says “Tweet”, but since it’s for scheduled tweets, it changes to Schedule on the Twitter website.

It’s really very simple to do. And you can also click on your scheduled tweets to see what is scheduled to go out and when. Which is very helpful.

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Twitter Scheduling

Still no edit button

Twitter has been giving us a load of great features as of late, but the number one requested feature is still nowhere to be seen. And we won’t be seeing it anytime soon.


That feature is an edit button.

Twitter users have been asking for an edit button for years. Twitter’s CEO and co-founder, Jack Dorsey said a few months ago that they likely will never introduce an edit button. Which means typos are going to continue to be a thing on Twitter. Of course, users can always delete their tweet and re-tweet it with the typo fixed. But if it is not caught right away, that means that not as many people will see your tweet.