Xiaomi Developing Two Smartphones With Curved 120Hz Displays: Tipster


According to a well-known tipster, Xiaomi is currently developing two new smartphones with curved 120Hz displays. This information comes from Digital Chat Station, and he published it via Weibo.

Xiaomi 'Apollo' & 'Verthandi' will include curved 120Hz displays

These two smartphones are codenamed Apollo and Verthandi. The only thing we do know at this point is that these two Xiaomi phones are expected to offer curved 120Hz displays, that's basically it.

The source did not share any more information, but one of those phones could be the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4. That device is expected to arrive later this year, so it's possible. No information surfaced regarding it, though.


On the other hand, this is Xiaomi we're talking about. That company is not afraid to release innovative new smartphones, and surprise everyone. Just remember the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha that arrived last year.

That phone was unexpected by basically everyone. It arrived with a 360-degree display, with the highest screen-to-body ratio of any phone in the market. It was more of a concept phone, but a functional one.

Xiaomi even started manufacturing that device for people who are interested, even though it's extremely expensive. Chances are the Mi MIX Alpha 2 will not launch this year, but who knows, it may happen.


One of the two phones could be the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4

The point is, Xiaomi is not afraid to take some risks along the way, and push some innovative designs our way. One of those two devices may be the Mi MIX 4, but we're not sure about the other one.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 flagships had already arrived, so who knows what is Xiaomi getting ready for later this year. The company is also rumored to announce its foldable smartphone sometime this year, though it remains to be seen if it will happen.

Another interesting device that the company may introduce is a phone with an in-display fingerprint scanner. Xiaomi already demoed that technology a while back, and it may be one of the first companies to bring it to market.


Viivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi have been at the forefront of under-display camera development. We could see the very first smartphone with such technology at some point this year, if not more than one.

In fact, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 may be the first phone to offer such tech. The Mi MIX series has always been at the bleeding edge of technology, especially when it comes to hardware.

Whatever the case may be, it seems like Xiaomi is preparing something juicy for later this year. More information will probably follow in the coming weeks / months.