Xiaomi Increases Its Presence In Overseas Smartphone Markets


Xiaomi has managed to increase its presence in overseas smartphone markets, according to the latest report. This information comes from Digitimes who cites "industry sources".

Xiaomi actually managed to grow annually in the first quarter of 2020. The company became the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer, trailing behind Samsung, Apple, and Huawei.

Xiaomi managed to increase its presence in overseas smartphone markets, but not in China

That being said, the company's presence in China has weakened. Its shipments in China got reduced to 25-percent of its total smartphone sales. Companies like Huawei, OPPO, and Vivo did better in China, shipping around 50-percent of all of its phones to China.


As a result of this, Xiaomi is now lagging further behind OPPO in China. That gap has widened, but Xiaomi managed to improve its situation in overseas markets, though, and grew in general.

The company made strides in India, Spain, and other markets in Europe. In India, for example, Xiaomi is currently the top smartphone brand, as it holds more than 25-percent of the market.

Shipments of all brand will be affected in the second quarter of the year, due to the global health crisis. Xiaomi is expected to ramp up its shipments fast after the threat eases, though, at least according to the source.


Xiaomi and its sub-brands have been doing a great job thus far in 2020

Xiaomi's sub-brands will surely help the company achieve its goals. Redmi is doing great in some markets, while POCO recently announced its new flagship, the POCO F2 Pro.

The POCO F2 Pro brings high-end specifications to the table, and it doesn't cost a fortune. That device is expected to do great for Xiaomi in both India and Europe, first and foremost.

The phone packs in the Snapdragon 865 SoC, 5G connectivity, LPDDR5 RAM, UFS 3.1 flash storage, bezel-less design, no notch or display hole… while its pricing starts at €499 (in Europe).


The POCO F2 Pro is only one example, as Xiaomi and its sub-brands announced quite a few devices already this year. Xiaomi's phones are quite competitive in terms of price, and that remains to be the case.

Xiaomi managed to increase its presence in overseas smartphone markets, and that trend is expected to continue. Nothing is set in stone, though, of course.

The company still has plenty of phones to announce this year. The Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 is expected to arrive at some point, and the company may even announce a phone with under-display camera. That technology has been demoed by Xiaomi already, and the Mi MIX 4 may even be the first phone to offer it. We're only guessing, here, of course, but anything is possible.