Xiaomi's CEO Caught Using An iPhone, Fans Are Not Happy

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Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, got caught using an iPhone. He shared a post on Weibo using Apple’s device, which is visible on that particular post. It clearly says that the information was sent from an iPhone.

Xiaomi’s CEO is using an iPhone, and that doesn’t sit well with Xiaomi fans

Now, this is not the first, and probably not the last time, that a high-ranking executive of a company is using a product from the competition. He’s not forbidden to do so, but such practice is frowned upon.

Xiaomi’s fans are not happy with this fact, and they made it clear on Weibo. Lei Jun is literally the highest-ranking member of Xiaomi, he’s Xiaomi’s CEO, and many people think he shouldn’t be using an iPhone.


iPhones are quite popular in China, so this is not all that surprising. Even though Xiaomi does make great phones, its officials are free to use any phone they want. What’s to say he doesn’t use several phones at the same time, that’s not a crime.

In any case, Lei Jun deleted the post since, but several members of the tech community came to his defense. Pan Jiutang, a Chinese analyst, says that pretty much every owner / product manager in the tech world tried out an iPhone at some point.

Several other CEOs got caught using an iPhone in the past, so this is not really anything new. Fans tend to overreact when something like that happens.


Fans tend to see that as a sign that the company’s products are not good enough, as even its CEO is using a product from the competitor. Things are not that black and white, though, they never are.

Lei Jun did not respond to the backlash just yet, and he probably won’t do it at all

Lei Jun did not respond to the backlash from fans, and chances are he won’t do it either. There’s no point in addressing such behavior, as he’s free to use whatever phone he likes.

Mr. Jun tends to be quite excited when it comes to Xiaomi products, and just because he uses an iPhone as well, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love products from his own company.


Speaking of which, Xiaomi has some interesting plans this year, it seems. The company already announced its flagship handsets, the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. More is coming, though.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 is expected to arrive later this year. We don’t really have much information about it, but it will be a premium phone. It could become the company’s first smartphone with an under-display camera, even.

A recent rumor suggested that Xiaomi is working on two handsets with curved displays, both of which will include 120Hz displays. The Mi MIX 4 could be one of them, but we’re not sure about the other. All in all, it will be interesting to see what else will Xiaomi announce by the end of 2020.