Xfinity Mobile Raises Rates, Because 5G Isn't Cheap

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Xfinity Mobile announced today that it has raised the rates on its data plans, and it does include 5G access for no extra charge.

It’s not a huge increase, mind you, and unlimited is still priced at $45 per line, per month. But this is the first (of likely many) MVNOs to raise prices in order to support 5G services.

Only “By The Gig” data plans are being increased

It’s worth noting that only the “By The Gig” data plans are getting this increase. So instead of them being $12 for the first gigabyte, it is now going to be $15. With 3GB being $30 and 10GB being $60.


As mentioned, Unlimited is still going to cost you $45 per month. Now to the naked eye, it looks like if you use around 10GB of data per month, that the unlimited plan might be better. But it’s not quite that simple. You see, the By The Gig plan offers HD video streaming, while unlimited does standard definition. So if you do want HD video on your plan, you will need to pay by the gigabyte.

All of these plans do include 5G access for no additional charge. However, 5G access is why these prices are going up. When you think about it though, $30 per month for 3GB of data is really not all that bad. And definitely much cheaper than other MVNOs, even Google Fi. Which charges you $20 just for talk and text. So 3GB would cost you $50 on Google Fi.

What 5G smartphones does Xfinity Mobile have?

The pickings are pretty slim for now. But you can choose from the Galaxy S20+ or Galaxy S20 Ultra. Unfortunately, Xfinity Mobile does not sell the regular Galaxy S20, and it’s for the same reason Verizon doesn’t. As there is no mmWave 5G support on the standard Galaxy S20, and therefore can’t use Verizon’s 5G network. Funny enough, Xfinity Mobile runs on Verizon’s network. So it all makes sense.


Xfinity Mobile is still a really good option for those that don’t use a lot of data. And considering most of us are stuck at home now and not going out, we are using even less data than usual. Making Xfinity Mobile and even more attractive option. Especially with 1GB being just $15 per month. And the fact that you can switch between these plans pretty easily.

You can sign up for Xfinity Mobile by clicking here. Remember that you can bring over your own unlocked phone, or choose one of the many that Xfinity Mobile sells.

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