Woot Is Blowing Out Refurbished Smartphones As Low As $40, Today Only

Google Pixel 2019 AH NS 01

Today, Woot is blowing out a number of refurbished smartphones, pricing some as cheap as $39.99.

So if you are in need of a new phone, but can't spend a lot because you were furloughed, or just don't want too, now is the time to grab one.

In this sale, you'll find some pretty old (but still great) Android smartphones on sale. Like the Galaxy S4, which is just $39.99. Now that is a really old phone, that isn't getting updates anymore. So we can't really recommend you pick that one up. But if you just a remote for your Chromecast or something like that, this would work well.


Now there are some newer smartphones available, like the Google Pixel 2, which starts at $99. That is not a bad price at all. And considering the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are getting Android 11 – they have the developer preview right now, even – it's a great buy. Since it is still getting updates.

There is also the Samsung Galaxy S9, which is $249 and the Galaxy S9 Plus which is $269. These are also great prices, and both have been updated to Android 10 already. It's unclear if Samsung will update them to Android 11 though, as the stable version has not been released yet. But it is likely to get the update. Making this also a great phone to pick up today.

There are a number of other unlocked smartphones available from Woot today, that you can for super cheap. Now these aren't new, or even from 2019, but they are super cheap, coming in at under $300.

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These smartphones are all unlocked and will work on T-Mobile and AT&T. However, some of these are not compatible with Verizon or Sprint. You'll need to make sure to read the description before you make your purchase, if you are on either Verizon or Sprint.

You can pick up any of these refurbished smartphones from Woot by clicking here. 

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